No cure no pay: no risk involved!
SurePress works one step at a time and you only pay for what you approve.

How we do it

At SurePress we understand it’s not just about a website, it’s actually about your business (we know that from our big Drupal projects). That’s why we get to know you and your broader business objectives first. We do this in 5 phases: define, design, build, launch and promote.

We show or deliver you something in each phase. You will discuss it and you and you can accept it so we can go on to the next phase. If you don’t accept it, we will rework it. Without any discussion.


Each project that we engage in will have a solid scope of work. We do not start a project before sufficiently outlining what is considered to be included in the project and what is not. A good scope of work is good for both client and developer.

The result of this phase is:

  • Information Architecture

    Classification and hierarchy of information, search options (labels, tags, categorization, facets), website navigation, page content.

  • Functionalities

    Pages, contact form, product catalogue, e-commerce, events and registrations, multilingual requirements, …

Quiet. I’m thinking


  • Theme

    We make a selection of several standard themes based upon your graphical preferences and the functionalities you need.

  • Choose

    Together we decide on which theme suits your needs the best.

  • Tests

    The WordPress theme is purchased and tested thoroughly before we start the build phase.

A custom made graphical design is possible but means +/- 5 days of extra work.

Design is thinking made visible


  • Customisation

    We adapt the theme so that it looks the way you want it to.

  • Configuration

    The needed functionality is configured in the theme. Missing functionalities will be added by plugins.

  • Content Upload

    Your content is uploaded on the site.

The customer has constant access to the website in development. Regular contacts with the customer ensure that the site is built as planned.



  • Training

    Your webmaster is trained. A manual is included.

  • Upload

    The website content is uploaded.

  • Online

    The website is launched.



  • Monitoring

    Monitoring of your server.

  • Reporting

    Monthly reporting of the Google Analytics results and recommendations for improvements.

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